Education has been a way of life at Retlif for over 45 years. Retlif custom tailors technical training programs to the specific needs of organizations and individual engineering professionals, including hands on instruction by industry experts.

Depth of subject

Depending on the desired depth of detail and the scope of coverage, Retlif’s training courses can be essential  one-hour “lunch and learns” or in depth multi-day seminars.

Most Often Taught Training Topics

  • Introduction to EMC/EMI
  • Understanding Product Compliance for the Rail Industry
  • Understanding the CE Mark, Declarations of Conformity, Technical Files, EU Directives
  • Compliance for Commercial Aviation EMI/EMC


Typical modules within the “Introduction to EMC/EMI” course include:

  • EMC Management
  • Lightning & ESD Protection
  • EMC Testing & Regulations
  • EMI Filtering
  • EMI Shielding
  • Grounding For EMI Protection
  • Cable Routing