Commercial Aviation & Aerospace

Retlif has a long history of providing professional EMI and ESS testing services to the commercial aviation industry sector.  All three of our laboratory locations are equipped and staffed to provide today’s latest test technology in this sector.

Fully accredited in both EMI and ESS test methods as defined in RTCA DO-160, Retlif’s test procedures, test results and reports have been reviewed, witnessed and accepted by virtually every airframe manufacturer.

This includes Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Honda Jet, Saab and Embraer.

Some key services provided to this sector include indirect lightning simulation, electromagnetic pulse simulation (EMP), hail, fluid susceptibility and explosive atmosphere testing.

Fixed wing, rotary wing or space related, Retlif is your northeast testing solution for Commercial Aviation and Aerospace, EMC/EMI and ESS/Environmental testing. Above & beyond.