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Retlif Honored for Robotics Support

Retlif Testing Laboratories has historically viewed robotics as a marriage of engineering expertise and computerization that integrates numerous scientific fields and brings the present closer to the future.

In Long Island’s Sachem Central School District, a healthy, vigorous interest exists within the student body. Retlif Executive Vice President Bill Hayes and Human Resources Manager Sharon Murphy represented Retlif when the company was recently honored for its many years of support by the Sachem High School Robotics team, the Sachem Aftershock.

“Having Retlif being recognized by the Sachem Aftershock Robotics team is an exciting honor for the company and personally rewarding,” Bill Hayes observed. “But to me as an engineer, especially one so connected to the EMC/EMI testing industry, the greatest pleasure is seeing young people immersed in the science of robotics with a desire to learn and to achieve.”

Sharon Murphy agreed, noting “the Sachem Aftershock Robotics team has had many successes through the years. It is encouraging to realize that Retlif is contributing to raising awareness and interest with young people who might potentially use this experience as a springboard to a career.”

Certainly, by assisting with funding and contributing time, direction and energy to the Sachem Aftershock Robotics team, Retlif is helping students with hands-on education in a meaningful way.