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Retlif Expands Solar Testing Capabilities

Independent Testing Leader adds expertise, equipment, dedicated facilities

Ronkonkoma, New York January 23, 2018………….Retlif Testing Laboratories, a leading US independent testing and strategic compliance organization, has inaugurated Phase One of an expansion program to offer more solar radiation testing, including both heat and photochemical testing, to military and commercial product manufacturers.

The first of two planned dedicated Solar Radiation Test Chamber upgrades has been completed at Retlif’s Harleysville, Pennsylvania testing laboratory. The new chamber and expanded capabilities provide the irradiance and spectral content to replicate field conditions required by a number of standards in rail, transit, aerospace, commercial air, composite, EMC/EMI, Environmental Simulation, maritime and military applications. For example, they are fully compliant with test procedures, cyclic exposure, and steady state exposure, as defined in the widely used MIL-STD-810, Method 505.5.

“Solar radiation is damaging to all systems and equipment operating or being stored in outdoor environments,” Retlif Executive Vice President Bill Hayes stated. “The demand for more radiant energy testing has been growing at all Retlif laboratories, which has become the driving force behind this phased expansion. The dedicated test chamber is a proprietary design involving state of the art hardware from leading manufacturers such as Ametek, Osram, Kipp & Zonen and Omega Monitoring Equipment. The new environment is driven by SpectrILight III data acquisition software designed to Retlif specificity standards.”

Phase Two is scheduled for third quarter 2018, at Retlif’s Ronkonkoma Long Island New York headquarters.

About Retlif: Retlif Testing Laboratories has been one of the world’s leading independent testing organizations since its founding in 1978. As a strategic compliance organization, Retlif offers EMC/EMI and Environmental Testing Services, approvals and certification as well as Environmental Simulation Testing (ESS) services. Today, the firm operates three full-service laboratories in Ronkonkoma NY, Goffstown NH, and Harleysville PA, and a Washington D.C. Regulatory Affairs office.

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