Quality Assurance: Every test, every time, every day

Our Quality Policy, as an independent testing and engineering organization, is to fully address the compliance needs of our customers, including affordable and globally-accepted solutions to regulatory and industry-imposed obstacles to product acceptance and market access.

We measure our ability to effectively accomplish this mission through:

  1. Our ongoing dedication to the highest quality and up-to-date national and international standards of testing.
  2. A continued commitment to growth and market-driven diversity in capabilities and facilities.
  3. Our dedication to the progressive training and technical expertise of our staff, and those that work within the industries that we serve.
  4. The proven ability to commendably partner with our customers in effectively meeting those needs.

Our commitment to testing and engineering excellence is unwavering.  Retlif’s Quality Assurance Program encompasses risk management, staff education and ongoing oversight.  Quality embraces every facet of our business and is the focus of our unceasing process improvement efforts.

Retlif personnel at all facilities are trained to adhere to a stringent checks and balances to guarantee the accuracy and security of all customer data and test results.