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Does Life Begin at 40? Retlif Milestone Celebrated.

Forty years in business is a milestone that few organizations ever reach especially with the same mission and leadership. And in testing, only a handful of independent laboratories can lay claim to the feat, let alone have the impact that Retlif Testing Laboratories has had upon the industry and the customers the company has served throughout the USA and the world.

There are always underlying reasons for long-term success. Perhaps Retlif’s achievement of this milestone is due to the fiercely independent entrepreneurial spirit that emanates from the top, or perhaps it is because of the knowledge, training and education that Retlif engineers apply to each test and project.

Either way, to be healthy and thriving after forty years in business, is a remarkable accomplishment, and Retlif recently celebrated the milestone with Anniversary Open Houses and Employee Recognition Events at three Retlif facilities. The Goffstown New Hampshire, Harleysville Pennsylvania, and Ronkonkoma New York events were held on different days, but all shared common features: Honored guests, current and former employees, and the overriding spirit and sense of family.

Richard Reitz, John Williams, Todd Hannemann, Walter Poggi

Retlif New Hampshire: New Hampshire may have been the ninth state to join the union (1787), but it was the second state to join Retlif…199 years later in 1986! The Anniversary Open House and Employee Recognition Event marking the fortieth anniversary of Retlif’s founding brought a great many customers, employees, families and elected officials to the Goffstown facility to mark the milestone.

One particular highlight was New Hampshire state senator Lou D’Allesandro, who has represented the 20th District since 1998. He presented a New Hampshire Senate Resolution Certificate recognizing and congratulating Retlif for over 40 years of service as an independent testing and engineering organization. David Pierce, former Representative, New Hampshire House of Representatives, and Ms. Bonnie Guevin, Goffstown Economic Development Council, also graced the event with their presence.

Tom Cilmi, Walter Poggi

Retlif New York: The Retlif New York Anniversary Open House and Employee Recognition Event was appropriately held at the Ronkonkoma NY headquarters facility. The festivities featured laboratory tours headed by Executive Vice President Bill Hayes and Business Development Manager Owen Watford and brought together a broad cross section of customers from all industry sectors, as well as Retlif employees and local leaders. The presence of a number of former employees added to the pervasive feeling of family that characterizes the Retlif organization. Guests of honor included Suffolk County Legislator and Minority Leader of the Legislature’s Republican Caucus Tom Cilmi; Islip Town Supervisor Angie M. Carpenter; and William G. Mannix, Director, Town of Islip Office of Economic Development.

Richard Reitz, PA State Senator Bob Mensch, Walter Poggi

Retlif Pennsylvania: At the Harleysville Pennsylvania laboratory, tour guides escorted guests through the secure 18,000 square foot facility, including anechoic rooms, environmental lab and the recently dedicated Michele and Dan Signore Conference & Training Room. Guests of honor at the Retlif 40th Anniversary Open House and Employee Recognition Event included Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Mensch, 24th District, and Pamela A. Kelly President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County. A good time was had by all!

Forty years of successful business is truly a milestone of distinction and a badge of honor. Congratulations to Retlif employees, founders and customers who made this achievement possible. At Retlif, life begins at 40. Here’s to 40 more!