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40 Years Out Front & Behind The Scenes

The venerable testing and strategic compliance organization’s expertise has seen combat in innumerable battles, traveled to the moon, sailed under the ice caps, ensured safety on rails, roads and the skies, and helped to fast forward technical innovations in medicine and science.

It all started 40 years ago.

Marilyn and Walter Poggi

When Retlif Testing Laboratories was founded in 1978, Jimmy Carter was President, the Cold War was icy, the inflation rate soared to 8%, Son Of Sam haunted New York, and unemployment was climbing. It certainly wasn’t the best time to launch a new business venture, but to Walter and Marilyn Poggi it was the time for action. The fledgling company took shape in a former Korean War helicopter factory and has grown steadily to become a leading independent testing and engineering organization with laboratories in three states and a respected industry leader around the globe.

Now, 40 years later, after all the champagne corks are popped and after all the accolades are dutifully accorded by friends and industry compatriots alike, four simple words sum up what all the actions and speeches cannot:

Happy 40th Anniversary Retlif!

The company’s consistent expansion has been fueled by its philosophy, which has continually evolved since the foggy days of 1978.  Recognition of the tangible value of product approvals and new marketplaces continues to distinguish Retlif from its competition.

Retlif’s growth and success stems from its cross-industry focus, investment in leading edge equipment and technologies, along with its ongoing education and training of its engineers and technicians.

“The mission of Retlif on our 40th anniversary is the same as it was in 1978.” Mr. Poggi stated. “We are laser focused on solutions, specifically appreciation of each client’s strategic goals.  As a result, we never confine our thought processes to merely executing test parameters or solely to the results of our testing. We look for the broader picture in every detail of every test. By also concentrating on product approvals and the expansion of our clients’ marketplaces regardless of product or industry, we bring additional value to every Retlif client.”

And after 40 years of supporting leading and start up organizations with EMC/EMI and ESS/Environmental testing, there are a great many companies in a great many industries who have benefitted from this unique philosophy.