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Education is a way of life at Retlif

Retlif custom tailors technical training programs to the specific needs of organizations and individual engineering professionals, including hands on instruction by industry experts.

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Depth of subject:
Depending on the desired depth of detail and the scope of coverage, Retlif’s training courses can be basic one-hour “lunch and learns” or in depth multi- day seminars.

Typical Training Topics:

  • Introduction to EMC/EMI
  • Understanding Product Compliance for the Rail Industry
  • Understanding the CE Mark, Declarations of Conformity, Technical Files, EU Directives
  • Compliance for Commercial Aviation EMI/EMC


Typical modules within the “Introduction to EMC/EMI” course include:

  • EMC Management
  • Lightning & ESD Protection
  • EMC Testing & Regulations
  • EMI Filtering
  • EMI Shielding
  • Grounding For EMI Protection
  • Cable Routing