Compliance Program Management

Development of Product Compliance Matrices: Manufacturers or suppliers often offer products that have been tested to various standards only to discover that a new customer has different testing requirements.  Retlif’s “Compliance Matrices” evaluate the initial testing performed to the new test requirements.  Many times this will either minimize additional testing or eliminate the need altogether.

Compliance Program Management:  Outsourcing compliance management needs to Retlif is often more cost effective than maintaining an internal team that may not be used regularly.  Product compliance is what we do at Retlif every day, and we can assist in parts of a compliance management program, or manage the entire effort.  Typical services include:

  • Interaction with your customer
  • Interaction and oversight of your vendors
  • Development of Compliance Management plans
  • Organizing and Overseeing Scheduled Compliance Meeting
  • Compliance Training for both “in-house” and external person

Market Compliance Research and Test Program Optimization:  Testing a product represents an investment in both time and money, and customers should receive the greatest return on such efforts. Retlif assists by defining the compliance needs of your intended markets as well as by customizing testing to allow the greatest market access through one comprehensive testing program.

The Value Of Custom Tailored Training