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Lab Tour Opens Eyes

Retlif Ronkonkoma recently was host to Mr. Ben Monachino, Congressional Aide U.S. House of Representatives, from Congressman Lee M. Zeldin’s office.

Retlif’s Owen Watford and Bill Hayes hosted Mr. Monachino on tours of both the Retlif EMC/EMI Laboratory and the Environmental Lab. They provided expert opinions about current U.S. Department of Defense legislation in Washington DC from an independent laboratory perspective.

Left to right:  Retlif Executive Vice President, Congressional Aide Ben Monachino, Retlif Business Development Manager Owen Watford after completing their tour of Retlif Ronkonkoma.

Mr. Poggi Gets His Wish! Retlif Supports IEEE Symposium

Retlif At IEEE in 2018

In speaking about last year’s highly successful Long Island Power Electronics Symposium, the area’s premier annual event that unites the local power electronics community, Retlif President Walter Poggi commented:

“To me it was a great regional show and symposium, and I would fully support a few more….Please more!!

And this year Retlif will once again display at the 2018 Long Island Power Electronics Symposium which represents all sectors of power electronics, including military, industrial, medical, aerospace, consumer and automotive.

Retlif engineering and testing professionals will be present to provide industry vision, hands on expertise, and to answer all questions regarding testing and compliance.

All professional engineers, managers, and technicians involved in the use, design, qualification, test or manufacture of power supplies, power converters, power management, servos or energy storage are invited. Students and educators are also welcome.

Register In Advance!

The event is free for attendees, but you must register in advance. Registered attendees will receive admission to the exhibit floor, technical lectures, complimentary networking lunch, and the complimentary networking dinner. The first 200 registered attendees will also receive a complimentary swag bag with gifts from our exhibitors.

See you there at the Retlif booth!

Where: Hauppauge Radisson, 110 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge LI.

When: November 8, 2018

Time: 12:00 noon to 8:00 PM.

Retlif Expands ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

Several Retlif facilities have been granted accreditation by ANSI – ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB: Retlif Pennsylvania (Harleysville PA), Retlif New Hampshire (Goffstown NH) and Retlif headquarters (Ronkonkoma NY).   The Pennsylvania and New Hampshire facilities were on-site assessments and the Ronkonkoma laboratories was the result of a remote assessment

The scope of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditations is broad and covers EMC/EMI testing services in all three facilities, Retlif’s Environmental Simulation/ES offerings in Ronkonkoma, NY, as well as the Retlif Composites Laboratory in Plainview NY. The Retlif Composites Laboratory continues to maintain Performance Review Institute (PRI-NADCAP) Accreditation.

Full scope of accreditation for all may be found under the Accreditations tab in this website.

Retlif: A history of Accreditations Leadership

Retlif’s involvement in laboratory accreditations is historical. Retlif was the first laboratory to petition the U.S. Government (NIST) to develop an EMI laboratory accreditation program. Today, Retlif remains fully committed to meaningful, well-administered and technically appropriate laboratory accreditations. Our transfer to ANAB was done to streamline and consolidate our Retlif accreditations under one Accreditation Body (AB), thereby reducing the need for multiple and redundant annual assessments. In addition, this allowed for a common scope of accreditation for all EMC facilities, allowing Retlif to better meet our customer needs through more efficient scheduling between our 3 EMC/EMI facilities.

Recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in accreditation, ANAB is signatory to numerous international mutual recognition arrangements including:

  • International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
  • InterAmerican Accreditation Cooperation
  • Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

ANAB is nationally recognized by many U.S. government agencies including:

  • FCC: Federal Communications Commission
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Department of Defense

For more information on our accreditations please contact

Retlif Makes Its Mark On Capitol Hill

Retlif Testing Laboratories recently participated in an exciting and educational effort as part of the American Council of Independent Laboratories  (ACIL) Government Relations Committee (GRC), on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Retlif’s Business Development Manager Owen Watford and New Hampshire Branch Manager Scott Wentworth were part of  ACIL’s effort entitled “2018 ACIL P2 Independence Day” that enabled members of ACIL representing their individual states to be heard in both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.

Business Development Manager Owen Watford

The visit addressed important initiatives of ACIL in order to foster awareness and drum up support for a wide list of topics, and provided a forum for member organizations to provide their specific positions and concerns to elected officials.

Owen Watford introduced ACIL and its mission and then advanced Retlif’s message, which reflected three concerns largely echoed by other laboratories in other states.

Retlif Business Development Manager (left) and U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire)

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to address former governor and current junior Senator from New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan and her colleagues.” Mr. Watford commented. “My purpose was to raise awareness and to ask her and others on Capitol Hill to support the need to address the emerging threat of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Attack), which could create devastating damage to our infrastructure and electric grid, as well as to promote the need for a 355-ship US

We are currently at 284 deployable ships now, and plans exist to add 42 ships over next 5 years to arrive at a total of 326 ships.  More education, funding and awareness is needed to access the goal of a 355-ship navy in the next twenty years.”

The Retlif team also presented a heartfelt case for support of vocational and technical training. “Our elected congressional officials need to do a much better job with vocational training,” Mr. Watford assessed. “The lack of this is negatively affecting Retlif and innumerable other US businesses seeking to hire qualified candidates who have at least some basic technical skills. Senator Hassan replied that she happens to be currently working on this problem and is putting together ideas to bring to the Senate floor.”

USS Theodore Roosevelt

Certainly, from an awareness-raising perspective, the Retlif team made excellent headway by bringing the issues directly to the officials. Getting the wheels of government to turn more smoothly and more rapidly can be quite a different matter. Time, as always, will tell.

About ACIL:

ACIL is the trade association representing independent, commercial scientific and testing laboratories. Its members are professional services firms engaged in testing, product certification, consulting, and research and development. Affiliated membership is available to manufacturer’s laboratories, consultants, and suppliers to the industry. The association was founded in 1937 as the American Council of Commercial Laboratories.  It was later incorporated in the State of New York as the American Council of Independent Laboratories.

ACIL defines independent scientific and engineering services firms as commercial entities engaged in analysis, testing, inspection, materials engineering, sampling, product certification, research and development and related consulting services for the public.  They are not affiliated with any institution, company, or trade group that might affect their ability to conduct investigations, render reports, or give professional, objective, and unbiased counsel.


Whole New Ballgame?

Take Me Out To The Ball Game! Who doesn’t love a great nine innings of baseball? Retlif’s Bill Hayes recently hosted visiting representatives from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and the Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China at a Long Island Ducks baseball game.

Interest in the game is growing in China, and perhaps this first hand sampling may help spur it along even faster.















Everyone’s favorite mascot QuackerJack made a surprise appearance

at the Bethpage Ballpark and a good time was had by all!

40 Years Out Front & Behind The Scenes

The venerable testing and strategic compliance organization’s expertise has seen combat in innumerable battles, traveled to the moon, sailed under the ice caps, ensured safety on rails, roads and the skies, and helped to fast forward technical innovations in medicine and science.

It all started 40 years ago.

Marilyn and Walter Poggi

When Retlif Testing Laboratories was founded in 1978, Jimmy Carter was President, the Cold War was icy, the inflation rate soared to 8%, Son Of Sam haunted New York, and unemployment was climbing. It certainly wasn’t the best time to launch a new business venture, but to Walter and Marilyn Poggi it was the time for action. The fledgling company took shape in a former Korean War helicopter factory and has grown steadily to become a leading independent testing and engineering organization with laboratories in three states and a respected industry leader around the globe.

Now, 40 years later, after all the champagne corks are popped and after all the accolades are dutifully accorded by friends and industry compatriots alike, four simple words sum up what all the actions and speeches cannot:

Happy 40th Anniversary Retlif!

The company’s consistent expansion has been fueled by its philosophy, which has continually evolved since the foggy days of 1978.  Recognition of the tangible value of product approvals and new marketplaces continues to distinguish Retlif from its competition.

Retlif’s growth and success stems from its cross-industry focus, investment in leading edge equipment and technologies, along with its ongoing education and training of its engineers and technicians.

“The mission of Retlif on our 40th anniversary is the same as it was in 1978.” Mr. Poggi stated. “We are laser focused on solutions, specifically appreciation of each client’s strategic goals.  As a result, we never confine our thought processes to merely executing test parameters or solely to the results of our testing. We look for the broader picture in every detail of every test. By also concentrating on product approvals and the expansion of our clients’ marketplaces regardless of product or industry, we bring additional value to every Retlif client.”

And after 40 years of supporting leading and start up organizations with EMC/EMI and ESS/Environmental testing, there are a great many companies in a great many industries who have benefitted from this unique philosophy.

Retlif Expands Solar Testing Capabilities

Independent Testing Leader adds expertise, equipment, dedicated facilities

Ronkonkoma, New York January 23, 2018………….Retlif Testing Laboratories, a leading US independent testing and strategic compliance organization, has inaugurated Phase One of an expansion program to offer more solar radiation testing, including both heat and photochemical testing, to military and commercial product manufacturers.

The first of two planned dedicated Solar Radiation Test Chamber upgrades has been completed at Retlif’s Harleysville, Pennsylvania testing laboratory. The new chamber and expanded capabilities provide the irradiance and spectral content to replicate field conditions required by a number of standards in rail, transit, aerospace, commercial air, composite, EMC/EMI, Environmental Simulation, maritime and military applications. For example, they are fully compliant with test procedures, cyclic exposure, and steady state exposure, as defined in the widely used MIL-STD-810, Method 505.5.

“Solar radiation is damaging to all systems and equipment operating or being stored in outdoor environments,” Retlif Executive Vice President Bill Hayes stated. “The demand for more radiant energy testing has been growing at all Retlif laboratories, which has become the driving force behind this phased expansion. The dedicated test chamber is a proprietary design involving state of the art hardware from leading manufacturers such as Ametek, Osram, Kipp & Zonen and Omega Monitoring Equipment. The new environment is driven by SpectrILight III data acquisition software designed to Retlif specificity standards.”

Phase Two is scheduled for third quarter 2018, at Retlif’s Ronkonkoma Long Island New York headquarters.

About Retlif: Retlif Testing Laboratories has been one of the world’s leading independent testing organizations since its founding in 1978. As a strategic compliance organization, Retlif offers EMC/EMI and Environmental Testing Services, approvals and certification as well as Environmental Simulation Testing (ESS) services. Today, the firm operates three full-service laboratories in Ronkonkoma NY, Goffstown NH, and Harleysville PA, and a Washington D.C. Regulatory Affairs office.

For further informationAgency Contact: Mr. Jamie Stanco, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc., phone: 631-756-7160, email:

A Tale Of The Sea

Retlif makes possible a “Voyage Of Discovery”

In keeping with its firm belief in the benefits of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Program, Retlif Testing Laboratories (Ronkonkoma, New York), a leading independent EMC and Environmental Simulation testing organization founded in 1978, recently sponsored a ‘Voyage of Discovery’ aboard the Nada, a 47-foot sailing vessel.

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadets program is designed to build leadership in young men and women by exposing cadets to the full rigors of a military training program for potential paths they make take after high school graduation.

Retlif sponsored a “Voyage of Discovery”, a life changing experience aboard the Nada, a 47-foot sailing vessel. Six teenage U.S. Naval Sea Cadets from Long Island set sail from Mt. Sinai Harbor on Long Island Sound bringing back invaluable practical experience on the high seas and a wealth of tactical training. Captain Roger Noakes sailed with the aspiring U.S. Navy Midshipmen aboard the Nada. Retlif President Walter A. Poggi commented, “We believe that the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets program is both guiding and formative, a true means of shaping the future of sea power in our country.”

The crew sailed the Nada from Long Island Sound northeast past Block Island, then north of Boston to Cape Cod, docking at the famed fishing port of Gloucester, Massachusetts. There at the U.S. Coast Guard station the Sea Cadets conducted shipboard repairs to navigation lights and systems. The “Voyage of Discovery” proceeded further north to Portland, Maine for a final check of the crew’s confidence and their willingness to head “offshore.”

The planned sea route took them into the Gulf of Maine, and the 47-foot vessel was soon beyond all shore-based communications. Captain Noakes and the six Sea Cadets relied on daily satellite phone calls with a shore-based contact who relayed weather forecasts and important information while confirming that all members of the crew were safe.

The “Voyage of Discovery” took the Nada to the storied and infamous St. George’s Bank (AKA George’s Bank), southwest of Nova Scotia, which is the most westward of the Great Atlantic Fishing banks. In fact, St. Georges Bank is the largest and most important fishing ground near the U.S. Atlantic coast.

In explaining the area’s notorious reputation, experienced mariners often cite the abrupt and unexpected weather changes that are so prevalent. The Sea Cadets aboard the Nada soon experienced the seas that sailors have encountered for centuries. With its dense, interminable fog, stormy weather and cold ocean currents, as well as 15-foot ocean waves and winds approaching 40 knots, the Sea Cadets received a firsthand education and appreciation of the rigors of a military training program. The dense fog limited visibility to a few feet, and as Captain Noakes remarked, “in these conditions, we relied almost entirely on the radar made possible by a generous donation from Retlif Testing Laboratories. The radar helped the 47-foot Nada avoid run-ins with 100-foot ocean fishing vessels, which could have spelled disaster if one had surprised us emerging out of the mist”.

One night the Nada’s crew hove-to to ride out a storm, stopping the boat and using the sails to steady the motion as the Nada drifted sideways in a controlled, seakeeping manner. “Seakeeping is a measure of how well-suited a watercraft is to conditions while underway, a time-tested means of dealing with very bad weather,” Captain Noakes explained. “I’m pleased to say that the Sea Cadets demonstrated their resolve and were happy to have experienced this rare but important seakeeping tactic.”

As Giovanni da Verrazano, Henry Hudson and John Cabot must have encountered while exploring these waters during the Age Of Discovery, the sea is a fickle mistress, and the Sea Cadets recognized this at the furthest extent of their journey.A satellite call informed the voyagers that a tropical disturbance forming in the Caribbean had hurricanepotential with storm force winds. The storm’s projected path included the vicinity of the Nada, and it was decided to head back home. The Sea Cadets’ route returned them via Cape Cod and the Nantucket Shoals as the tropical disturbance developed into Hurricane Gert. In port when the resulting huge waves came to dominate the area, the Sea Cadets learned an invaluable lesson of the sea…respect for the mighty realm of Poseidon.

Retlif’s sponsorship of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets and the “Voyage of Discovery” program has helped to ensure the future with hands on education and instruction. As Mr. Poggi explained, “The concept of ensuring the future underlies every EMC test and all the torturous Environmental Simulation or ESS testing that maritime and military products undergo en route to compliance. I think the dedication of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets certainly bodes quite well for sea power and consequently for the future of this country. We at Retlif are proud to stand behind them and to do our part to ensure their future success”.





Introduction to Engineering 101?

It’s not an official course to be sure, but the Retlif-sponsored Sachem High School Robotics Team received an invaluable engineering education in building a robot and adding the title of “Winner” to an already impressive resume.  Retlif Environmental Laboratory Supervisor Michael Hull was on hand when students and parents showed their appreciation for Retlif’s continuing support at Retlif  Headquarters in Ronkonkoma.

Sachem’s Kaitlin Tripi gracefully presented a plaque to Mr. Hull expressing the gratitude of all participants, students, faculty, advisors and proud parents.

The Sachem team built a robot from scratch with a strategy to handle multiple elements of the competition. In particular, the speed and maneuverability from the mecanum wheels, which enabled the robot to move in any direction, made it an extremely effective gear loading bot. The judges also thought so and the rest is history.

Will there be a crop of budding young engineers that “boldly go forth” to professional engineering glory?  No one knows for sure, but having Retlif behind them and the educational, confidence-building experience of winning such a competition, can fast forward young minds in the direction of a truly meaningful and rewarding career.

And were the students proud of their engineering feat?  The autographs on the robot speaks volumes! As does their visit to Retlif to present a special plaque.

Retlif has supported the Sachem Aftershock Robotics Team since 2000.