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Visit Retlif at IEEE Power Electronics Symposium

  • When:  Thursday November 3, 2022
  • Hours:  12:00 -8:00 PM.
  • Where: Hauppauge Radisson, 110 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, Long Island, NY.

Retlif has been a proud supporter of what many feel is the best power electronics symposium this side of Silicon Valley for many years! Sponsored by the Power Electronics Society (PELS) of the IEEE Long Island Section, the Power Electronics Symposium is a must attend event for professional engineers, managers, and technicians involved in the use, design, qualification, test or manufacture of power supplies, power converters, power management, servos or energy storage. All sectors of power electronics are represented, including military, industrial, medical, aerospace, consumer and automotive.

The Retlif team will be present with Executive Vice President Bill Hayes leading the Retlif Team.  Come expand your professional horizons and make sure to stop by the Retlif booth and say hello!

This event is free, but please register in advance ( to maximize your experience. Registered attendees will receive admission to the exhibit floor, technical lectures, complimentary lunch, and complimentary dinner.

Retlif Supports Sea Services Through the Navy League of Long Island

Retlif Testing Laboratories is a leading independent testing and engineering organization with locations in three states, and is an ardent supporter of the Navy league of the United States.  As an active member of the Long Island Council, Retlif supports the organization’s objectives to enhance the morale of sea service personnel and their families through national and council level programs.

Developing youth programs that reinforce the essential values of sea services is an ongoing part of the Long Island Council’s efforts. In a June 17, 2022 ceremony, Long Island Navy League Council President, Roger Noakes presented the Navy Officer’s Sword to MN Lieutenant Tyler Pitman at the US Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) graduation ceremony in Kings Point, NY.

Retlif Business Development Manager Owen W. Watford stated “given the ultimate importance of sea services to the national defense and to overall economic prosperity, it is rewarding to witness the recognition of outstanding individuals. The next sword presentation by the Long Island Council of the Navy league of the United States will be to the Gold Star graduate at SUNY Maritime College, Throgs Neck, New York, in August, 2022.

Photo: Long Island Council President Roger Noakes presents the Navy Officer’s Sword to MN Lieutenant Tyler Pittman.

Congressman Andrew R. Garbarino Visits Retlif Testing Laboratories

Retlif Welcomes Garbarino with a Laboratory Tour and Roundtable Discussion

A globally recognized, independent EMC/EMI and environmental testing organization, Retlif Testing Laboratories welcomed New York State Congressman Andrew Garbarino to their secure facility for an escorted tour of their EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and Environmental Simulation Services (ESS) laboratories. The tour was followed by a roundtable discussion in support of military contracting and defense manufacturing on Long Island, logistics and supply chain issues, and the growing employment opportunities within the contracting space.

The visit began with a presentation by Retlif Testing Laboratories President Walter Poggi and Business Development Manager Owen Watford which provided an overview of Retlif’s history, services, facilities, industries served, accreditations and approvals. Congressman Garbarino received tours of Retlif’s EMC laboratory by Retlif Executive Vice President William Hayes, and Retlif’s ESS laboratory by Laboratory Supervisor Nick Accardi.

The visit was capped by an industry roundtable discussion with Congressman Garbarino and six members from the Corporate Committee of the Long Island Council of the Navy League representing leading Long Island defense manufacturers. Topics included the value of technical education and training, the lack of emphasis by schools despite an acute shortage of technicians and engineers, and the need for educational funding to support these growing employment opportunities. Congressman Garbarino expressed his support and appreciation for Long Island’s military manufacturing community and offered a helping hand for projects in need of appropriation.

“I am very appreciative of Congressman Garbarino’s visit to Retlif,” stated Retlif President Walter Poggi, “and I know he received an appreciation of how our testing supports Long Island’s defense manufacturing community. I am also very pleased that we were able to provide a forum for the Congressman to meet representatives of the Corporate Committee of the Long Island Council of the Navy League to better understand their concerns and thoughts on defense manufacturing on Long Island.

Retlif Honored for Robotics Support

Retlif Testing Laboratories has historically viewed robotics as a marriage of engineering expertise and computerization that integrates numerous scientific fields and brings the present closer to the future.

In Long Island’s Sachem Central School District, a healthy, vigorous interest exists within the student body. Retlif Executive Vice President Bill Hayes and Human Resources Manager Sharon Murphy represented Retlif when the company was recently honored for its many years of support by the Sachem High School Robotics team, the Sachem Aftershock.

“Having Retlif being recognized by the Sachem Aftershock Robotics team is an exciting honor for the company and personally rewarding,” Bill Hayes observed. “But to me as an engineer, especially one so connected to the EMC/EMI testing industry, the greatest pleasure is seeing young people immersed in the science of robotics with a desire to learn and to achieve.”

Sharon Murphy agreed, noting “the Sachem Aftershock Robotics team has had many successes through the years. It is encouraging to realize that Retlif is contributing to raising awareness and interest with young people who might potentially use this experience as a springboard to a career.”

Certainly, by assisting with funding and contributing time, direction and energy to the Sachem Aftershock Robotics team, Retlif is helping students with hands-on education in a meaningful way.

Local Students Visit Retlif’s New York Headquarters

A group of eleven students from Longwood High School recently received a guided tour of Retlif’s Ronkonkoma, NY headquarters facility including the EMC/EMI and Environmental laboratories. The students and Longwood School to Career Coordinators discussed summer internships and potential opportunities for graduating high school students with Retlif Executive Vice President Bill Hayes, Laboratory Manager Nick Accardi and Retlif Human Resources Manager Sharon Murphy.

Mr. Hayes commented “the Longwood High School student visit continues Retlif’s long history of community outreach and introduces these young minds to potential career paths. We are always pleased to see the growing interest from young students in what we do at Retlif and in the importance of EMC/EMI and Environmental testing services to modern business.”

Ms. Murphy added, “The Longwood High School tour of the facilities exposed the students to the real-world career opportunities that exist within their community at technology companies such as Retlif.”

About Longwood: Founded in 1959, Longwood Central School District covers 53 square miles in central Brookhaven Town, Suffolk County, New York, USA. It serves the hamlets of Ridge, Gordon Heights, Middle Island, Coram and Yaphank, and parts of Shoreham, Shirley, Medford and Upton.

Retlif Executive Vice President Bill Hayes, sixth from left; Retlif Human Resources Manager Sharon Murphy, eighth from left.

Retlif Testing Laboratories Sponsoring Robotics Competition…Again!

Retlif Testing Laboratories, an internationally recognized, independent EMC/EMI and Environmental Simulation testing leader, proudly announced its continuing sponsorship of the Sachem High School Robotics Team in the 2022 School-Business Partnerships of Long Island, Inc. (SBPLI) FIRST Robotics Competition.

Retlif’s Bill Hayes addresses the Sachem High School Robotics Team.

For over twenty years Retlif has provided the Sachem Aftershock Robotics Team with engineering support, financial assistance and internships at the Retlif Ronkonkoma (New York) headquarters. High school students from both campuses of Sachem Central School District have been involved in hands-on robotic science, and though students change as they progress through high school, the enthusiasm of each class is remarkably the same from year to year. Team 263, Sachem Aftershock is currently deeply involved in the 2022 Build Season.

Retlif Executive Vice President William Hayes (East Islip, NY) stated, “We are extremely proud to sponsor Team 263. With this support weare helping to mold the engineers and scientists of tomorrow in a world where technology is at a premium and where expertise is in high demand. We find that the students are very committed, enjoy competing and applying their skills, and that they want to win. That’s a tribute to all the participants and the Sachem faculty including Andrew Cifuni, Robert Wentzel, and James Byrne, who devote their time and energy to a positive learning experience that may prove extremely for those seeking STEM careers, science, technology, engineering and math.”

The Sachem Aftershock Robotics Team has consistently ranked in the top 1 percent of competing teams. Students are taught to follow a policy of gracious professionalism and sincere cooperation. Retlif President Walter Poggi stated “designing, testing, troubleshooting and building a robot means that students are exposed to technical engineering skills, learn how to program, and most importantly, develop a sense of personal responsibility through regularly scheduled weekly meetings and workshops.”

Owen Watford named Vice President of The Long Island Council Of The Navy League

The Long Island Council of The Navy League of the United States, an organization dedicated to strengthening the ties between Long Island-based defense supporters and veterans and the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard and maritime sea services, has announced new leadership. Owen W. Watford, Retlif Business Development Manager, has been elected Vice President by the Long Island Council of The Navy League.

Vice President Watford stated “being in a position to assist our men and women in uniform and all our veterans through corporate support and grass roots efforts creates a feeling of accomplishment in the defense of our nation. I’m pleased to announce that we will continue our tradition of commissioning US Navy ships with the commissioning of the Arleigh-Burke class guided missile destroyer USS Patrick Gallagher which is currently under construction.”

Retlif Testing Laboratories is a business supporter of the Long Island Council of The Navy League of the United States.

Expanded Scope of Accreditation for Medical Devices

Retlif Receives ASCA Pilot Program Accreditation

As one of the first independent EMC laboratories to gain accreditation in the United States, Retlif supports conformity assessment schemes which rely on test data provided by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently embraced accreditation through a Pilot Program, the Accreditation Scheme for Conformity Assessment (ASCA).

ASCA incorporates international conformity assessment standards and practices with the goal of increasing confidence in medical device testing among FDA reviewers and medical device manufacturers. Anticipations are that this will decrease requests for additional information relating to testing methodologies when pre-market submissions include a declaration of conformity to an FDA-recognized consensus standard within the FDA ASCA Pilot Program.

Access For Retlif Customers:

Retlif medical equipment manufacturers can readily access this alternative path for FDA acceptance of EMC test reports. All three Retlif EMI facilities (Ronkonkoma NY, Goffstown NH, Harleysville PA) have achieved FDA ASCA Pilot Program accreditation.

Scopes Of Accreditation:

Scopes include basic EMC requirements contained within IEC 60601-1-2, Edition 4.0, 2014 and specific requirements for:

  • Medical Electrical Equipment and Medical Electrical Systems used in the Home Health Care Environment
  • Medical Electrical Equipment and Medical Electrical Systems used in the Emergency Medical Services Environment
  • Electrocardiographs
  • Endoscopic Equipment
  • Infant Radiant Warmers
  • Infant Transport Incubators
  • Infant Incubators
  • Ultrasonic Medical Diagnostic and Monitoring Equipment
  • X-Ray Equipment for Computed Tomography
  • Ambulatory Electrocardiographic Systems
  • Medical Beds
  • Nerve and Muscle Stimulators
  • Dental Intra-Oral X-Ray Equipment

Contact for more information.

Enhanced Rail Testing Services for Axle Counters

The world is rapidly moving toward full digitalization of railroads and both rail operators and transit systems are switching to axle counters for their track vacancy detection requirements. Used in railway signaling, axle counters detect the clear or occupied status of a track section between two points.

Safety Advantages:

  • The most common use for axle counters is in railway signaling for track vacancy detection. A form of block signaling, the systems do not permit two trains to be within the same section of track (block) at the same time.
  • Axle counters are also used to switch on and switch off warning equipment at grade crossings by closing the crossing to pedestrians and motor vehicles when a train is detected, and allowing them to open when the train has passed over the crossing.
  • Unlike traditional track circuits, axle counters do not require installation of insulated rail joints, which eliminates the need to break the continuity of long sections of welded rail for insertion of insulated joints.
  • Axle counters are particularly useful on electrified railways as they eliminate the need for traction bonding and impedance bonds. They also require no bonding and less cabling in comparison to track circuits, and they are generally less expensive to install and to maintain.

Concerns and Solutions: As is the case with any new technology placed on the property, concerns can arise. In this case the concern is that magnetic fields from rolling stock could cause Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues with axle counters.

Test methodology has been developed to address this concern. Both ‘CLC/TS 50238-3: 2019 Part 3, Railway application, Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems, Compatibility with axle counters’ and also ‘EN-50592 Railway Applications, Testing of rolling stock for electromagnetic compatibility with axle counters’, set limits and define the test methodology to measure rolling stock’s electromagnetic compatibility with axle counters.

The Retlif Advantage: Retlif’s experienced field test engineers are equipped with the latest test instrumentation to address procedures set forth in both applicable standards. This represents a further enhancement of Retlif’s 40-plus year history of involvement in rail and transit engineering services that that are available to manufacturers and users of rail and transit equipment and systems.

Contact for further information and proposal requests.

Retlif Leading the Way to NIST 800-171 Certification

Retlif Testing Laboratories (Headquarters, Ronkonkoma, NY), a globally recognized, independent EMC/EMI and environmental testing organization, has achieved a significant milestone through the deployment of an effective cybersecurity plan that is in compliance with NIST 800-171 and Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). 

Overseen and coordinated by Team Logic IT (South Setauket, NY), completion of the 12-month NIST cyber security compliance project means that Retlif’s Ronkonkoma New York, Harleysville, Pennsylvania and Goffstown, New Hampshire laboratories are certified to deliver a higher degree of cybersecurity protection.

“Our clients find that such compliance is a high level difference-maker,” Retlif President Walter Poggi observed. “Given today’s rampant cybersecurity attacks that plague every business in every industry, the U.S. government created a comprehensive set of regulations to combat hacking efforts and to keep Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) secure. In commercial manufacturing, this would be anything other than COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) and includes modified COTS products. I’m very pleased to announce that Retlif is one of the first organizations in the testing industry to offer NIST standard cybersecurity  compliance to our clients in defense, aerospace, homeland security, rail and transit and maritime.”

CUI, a term applied to virtually any sensitive, unclassified information that the U.S. government shares with governmental agencies, contractors and subcontractors, runs the gamut from financial information to product patents.

“Achieving certification to NIST standards is a complex process,” commented Roger Noakes, President of Team Logic IT. “With Retlif, all required controls, documentation and procedures were defined and established, followed by extensive training of all personnel. Both Team Logic IT and designated Retlif engineers will continually monitor for full cybersecurity compliance .”

Mr. Poggi agreed. “We collectively recognize that cybersecurity countermeasures and threats appear and evolve rapidly. NIST 800-171 compliance at Retlif is not a one and done situation. It’s about vigilance over time. It’s about Retlif remaining fully committed and fully engaged in a continuous process of threat discovery, threat defense and threat prevention for the ultimate benefit of our clients.”