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Retlif Supports Sea Services Through the Navy League of Long Island

Retlif Testing Laboratories is a leading independent testing and engineering organization with locations in three states, and is an ardent supporter of the Navy league of the United States.  As an active member of the Long Island Council, Retlif supports the organization’s objectives to enhance the morale of sea service personnel and their families through national and council level programs.

Developing youth programs that reinforce the essential values of sea services is an ongoing part of the Long Island Council’s efforts. In a June 17, 2022 ceremony, Long Island Navy League Council President, Roger Noakes presented the Navy Officer’s Sword to MN Lieutenant Tyler Pitman at the US Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) graduation ceremony in Kings Point, NY.

Retlif Business Development Manager Owen W. Watford stated “given the ultimate importance of sea services to the national defense and to overall economic prosperity, it is rewarding to witness the recognition of outstanding individuals. The next sword presentation by the Long Island Council of the Navy league of the United States will be to the Gold Star graduate at SUNY Maritime College, Throgs Neck, New York, in August, 2022.

Photo: Long Island Council President Roger Noakes presents the Navy Officer’s Sword to MN Lieutenant Tyler Pittman.

Congressman Andrew R. Garbarino Visits Retlif Testing Laboratories

Retlif Welcomes Garbarino with a Laboratory Tour and Roundtable Discussion

A globally recognized, independent EMC/EMI and environmental testing organization, Retlif Testing Laboratories welcomed New York State Congressman Andrew Garbarino to their secure facility for an escorted tour of their EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and Environmental Simulation Services (ESS) laboratories. The tour was followed by a roundtable discussion in support of military contracting and defense manufacturing on Long Island, logistics and supply chain issues, and the growing employment opportunities within the contracting space.

The visit began with a presentation by Retlif Testing Laboratories President Walter Poggi and Business Development Manager Owen Watford which provided an overview of Retlif’s history, services, facilities, industries served, accreditations and approvals. Congressman Garbarino received tours of Retlif’s EMC laboratory by Retlif Executive Vice President William Hayes, and Retlif’s ESS laboratory by Laboratory Supervisor Nick Accardi.

The visit was capped by an industry roundtable discussion with Congressman Garbarino and six members from the Corporate Committee of the Long Island Council of the Navy League representing leading Long Island defense manufacturers. Topics included the value of technical education and training, the lack of emphasis by schools despite an acute shortage of technicians and engineers, and the need for educational funding to support these growing employment opportunities. Congressman Garbarino expressed his support and appreciation for Long Island’s military manufacturing community and offered a helping hand for projects in need of appropriation.

“I am very appreciative of Congressman Garbarino’s visit to Retlif,” stated Retlif President Walter Poggi, “and I know he received an appreciation of how our testing supports Long Island’s defense manufacturing community. I am also very pleased that we were able to provide a forum for the Congressman to meet representatives of the Corporate Committee of the Long Island Council of the Navy League to better understand their concerns and thoughts on defense manufacturing on Long Island.