European E Mark  

European E Mark

EC Type-Approval "E" Mark

Retlif can determine the applicable Directives and the most cost and time efficient means to meet the regulatory requirements necessary to place your product on the market within the European Union. Our relationships with National approval authorities, our longstanding NVLAP and A2LA accreditations and our NIST designation as both a Competent Body and a Notified Body will ensure that your product is accepted within the EU.

Electrical/electronic systems and Electrical/electronic subassemblies intended to be installed in motor vehicles within the European Union must comply with various technical requirements imposed by a wide range of EU Directives. The regulatory requirements vary depending on the type and function of the system or subassembly and range from manufacturers self declaration of conformity under the EMC and R&TTE Directives to EC Type Approval from a National Approval Authority. The Directives, or European Legislation, applicable to electrical and electronic devices installed in motor vehicles include:

  • The Automotive Directive
    Directive 2004/104/EC : Commission Directive of 14 October 2004 adapting to technical progress of Council Directive 72/245/EEC relating to the radio interference (electromagnetic compatibility) of vehicles and amending Directive 70/156/EEC on the approximation of laws of the Member States relating to the type-approval of motor vehicles and their trailers.
  • The EMC Directive
    Directive 89/336/EEC : Council Directive of 3 May 1989 on the approximation f the laws of the Member States relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility and Directive 2004/108/EC relating to electromagnetic compatibility and repealing Directive 89/336/EEC .
  • The R&TTE Directive
    Directive 1999/5/EC : Directive of 9 March 1999 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity

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