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RETLIF railroad and transit Testing LaboratoryThe railroad and transit industries are changing dramatically with the proliferation of microprocessor based and wireless technologies. Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) is but one example of how these new technologies are impacting this industry. However, rail and transit is a demanding industry in terms of operating environment and in the need for ultimate safety. This blending of new technology into a demanding work environment has resulted in the need for more product compliance testing to ensure consistent and continual operation in this challenging environment.

Rail ProjectsRETLIF railroad and transit Testing Laboratory
Retlif is the leader in providing such testing services with years of practical “on the property” testing experience. Retlif supports contracts with transit authorities and light rail systems, including some 25 active NYCTA, SEPTA, LIRR, and WMATA contracts.

Whether your need is
UMTA testing of a full vehicle, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing on a CODE system, or vibration testing on a track switch, we can provide it all. In addition, we provide the engineering services to complement such testing, from the generation of control or management plans, to the full program management of a product’s compliance program from design to installation.
RETLIF railroad and transit Testing Laboratory
We test to numerous standards. See test standards page

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