Environmental laboratory &

Environmental Laboratory & On-Site Testing

Retlif provides both in-lab and on-site testing services to the industry. The need for environmental simulation testing on rail and transit products grows daily, as more sensitive IT and wireless equipment meets the challenges of a railroad or transit authority’s harsh working environment. Some of the services we provide are:

• Shock & Vibration • Rain/Blowing Rain
• Temperature Cycling • Sand & Dust
• Temperature & Humidity • Sunshine
• Snow & Icing • Salt Fog
• Acoustic Noise • Altitude

Environmental, two on-site services have been requested and accordingly provided by Retlif. On-site vibration site surveys are extremely helpful in identifying the “real world” vibration levels which equipment can be expected to experience.

Acoustic noise site surveys are also performed quite often to ensure that the railroad or transit authority is a “good neighbor” with surrounding municipalities.

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