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Engineering Services & Program Management

The Retlif Engineering Service Division provides a wide range of engineering services to assist our rail and transit based customers. From the generation of a basic test plan to the full management of your compliance program, Retlif has the experience and capabilities to provide these such services in a cost-effective and timely manner.

In our role as “Compliance Program Managers” we will provide all necessary interfacing with your customer to ensure the design of a cost-effective testing program for your product. We will oversee the entire product approval process from design to installation.

Retlif can also provide engineering consulting services to assist you in the development and ultimate approval and acceptance of your product. Some of the typical services provided are:
  • EMC Management Plans
  • EMC Control Plans
  • EMC Implementation Plans
  • EMC Grounding, Shielding, Cable Routing Plans
  • EMC Test Plans & Procedures
  • Vibration Site Survey Test Plans
  • EMC Site Survey Test Plans
  • Environmental Simulation Test Procedures
  • EMC Test Procedures
  • EMC Training Seminars

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