EMC Test Services

Military EMC Testing

Starting at our inception over 25 years ago, Retlif has always been a leader in providing quality, repeatable, cost-effective military EMC testing services.From MIL-I-6181 of many years ago to today's latest version of MIL-STD-461, Retlif has always been fully equipped to provide complete EMC testing services for all specification methods and levels. Retlif is fully NVLAP accredited to "every" current MIL-STD-461 test method as well as a multitude of other national and international military EMC standards. Beyond our laboratory accreditations, Retlif is also staffed with NARTE certified test engineers and technicians.

Long recognized as one of the USA's premier independent military EMC testing laboratories, Retlif's test results are globally accepted by every major airframe manufacturer, shipyard and military agency.

Our continued commitment to testing excellence included ongoing capital equipment improvement programs, facility enhancements as well as staff education and training.

We test to virtually all military EMC standards.. See test standards page

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