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Homeland Security

With world events in a state of flux, Homeland Security has become an extremely important technological sector for our country, and it will remain so in the future. New technologies and techniques will be developed as the nation is further secured against outside threats and terrorist events. Retlif has already committed significant resources to provide testing and engineering services in order to meet developmental and compliance needs in this most vital arena.

Our experience with Homeland Security related products and devices is broad in scope. Some of the products tested and evaluated by Retlif include:

  • Ground Surveillance Radar
  • Facility Level Surveillance Camera Monitoring Systems
  • Emergency Services Communications Equipment
  • Biological Monitoring Devices

Addressing Compliance
In order to provide an extra level of service, Retlif also maintains a Washington, D.C. regulatory office. This is a valuable resource for monitoring the still-developing Homeland Security compliance structure, and in helping to identify specific compliance routes for defined products and new technology products.

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